Kathy Wood’s Story

Oakland,California 94610, CA

Kathy's Story

On 7-22-2010 when I got home from work I had excruciating chest pain my right side and my left side of my chest,my right jaw sensation,pain down both arms and I went to my doctor on the next day 0n 7-23rd Friday and my EKG is normal. My doctor orders a stress test at Cardiovascular consultants medical group in Oakland. My HR is 129 Level 2 My BP is 110/7- resting and my BP is 130/50. My doctor order a stress ecocardiogram test this week on Monday,8-9/2010.
Friday,8-6 at 11 pm I have a excruciating chest pain and I was rushed to Summit Hospital ER. I have a chest xray/blood test. I have chest/lung/rib inflammation and I went home. my EKG blood test,chest xray is normal. I take ibuprofen 800 mg every 8 hrs for pain.
I have all the symptoms of heart attack.

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