Kay Griffin’s Story

Las Vegas, NV

Kay's Story

HEART ATTACK. I was sitting on my couch on June 19th about 5:00 PM. I started to have pain in my chest. Felt like indigestion. Would be there for a few minutes and go away. For about an hour it came and went. Thought it was nothing. Went out to dinner with my husband. At dinner I told him about it. He said we should have gone to urgent care. So when we got home, a while later it started again. We went to urgent care. They did blood work and a EKG. Well they said everything looks ok. But you are still having chest pain. We are putting you in the hospital. They had a cardiologist come and talk to me. He did a EKG and blood work. He said everything came back BAD. I asked him why the urgent care said no. He said maybe they didn’t read it right. So I stayed in the hospital. They put my on blood thinners. The next day they did a test where they put a catheter in your leg up to your heart. They found 3 blockages. 2 they could clean out. The other one was 90 percent closed. They put a bloon in there. He said there was so much damage they could’t put in a stent. He told me I will have problems down the line. My parents both died at 75 with arteriosclorosis. I also have diabetes. He said all of those contributed to this. I also have asthma. I am 59 years old. Never thought I had a problem. I don’t walk a lot but I am going to start. Check your family history and see if you have any problems in your family. I knew my parents died from this, but didn’t think I would be one. I don’t smoke or drink. Did back in the 70’s.

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