Kayla Mullins’s Story

Clintwood, VA

Kayla' Story

My name is Kayla Mullins and i am here to tell you the story of how Heart Disease/Heart Defectshas affected my family. Two years ago, 10/28/2008, our world changed forever. My daugter Zoe was born with a rare heart defect called an AP Window, which is a hole in between her main artery and valve. The Doctors told us that it would have to be repaired and in most cases between 6-9months. On Dec. 15 2008my daugter was admitted into the PICU for congestive heart failure. The doctors told us that Zoe’s heart was not strong enough to take this and that surgerywas our only option, and it had to be done quick. So on Dec. 22 2008 we was shipped to Nashville Tn to Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital. We left our hospital at 10pm and followed the ambulance 4 1/2 hours to Tn. We after midnight. After admitting her and getting all her stuff in order it was 3 am on Dec 23. At 11 am my daugter was takin down for surgery. She was 5 days shy of being 2 months old. She weighed 5lbs and 15 ounces when they done the procedure. It seemed like forever before they called us to tell us that our daughter had made it through the surgery and was doing good. When they finally let us go back to see her i wasnt prepared for what i was about to see. They laid my lil girl with her chest glued back together, drain tubes coming out of her stomach, iv’s everywhere, machinces going off, and she was packed in ice. No one could have prepared me for this. Zoe spent 23 days recovering. On Jan 13th 2009we was realeased to go home. We had spent christmas and new years away from our family that year. I also have another daughter, Mackenzie, who is six now,4 at the time. It was so hard on her to understand all that was going on. SHe has growed up alot in the last 2 years and is so proud of her lil sister. Tomorrow, Friday Feb. 4th, her school is recognizing the National Wear Red Day, and mackenzie had a shirt made in honor of her lil sister to wear jus for this occasion. it is red with a white heart and it says”my lil sister is a survivor”!! We are still learing daily about heart disease and defects and hope that some day we will be able to let Zoe tell her story about her survival!! Thank u all for your time. May God Bless you all. Love and Prayers from Nathan,Kayla,Mackenzie and Zoe Mae

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