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Kelly's Story

I hurt my knee in Dec 2004. The pain got pretty bad I was taking way too much ibuprofen. My MRI revealed apossilbe torn meniscus I was starting to stomach problems…so they did an endoscopy to rule out bleeding in my stomach in Jan 2005 (neg!), I had knee surgery on March 23, 2005. This is the day I think that really saved my life. During the operation I went into complete heart block (electrical problem in the heart). I saw a cardiologist for the first time in April…who diagnosed me. I was driving to work one day started to get extremely lightheaded dizzy. I was right near an ER so I pulled in. Sure enough I was in complete (3rd degree) heart block. The dr said my HR was barely getting up to 50. So they rushed me down to the Clevleand Clinic Heart center where I had more tests done…Too make a long story short, I had had my knee surgery on March 23, 2005 I was “on the table again” on June 9, 2005 having my pacemaker implanted at the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center (which, as may of you may know, has been ranked #1 in the nation for heart care for almost 20 years). My doctor was Elizabeth V. Saarel. She was a peds cardiologist specialized in electrophysiology (more or less an electrician for your heart). She was the best dr I could have ever asked for—a true angel in my eyes that is doing God’s work. She moved out to Utah shortly after my surgery.
Everything has gone well up until Oct 2010, when I started having lots of racing episodes. I was hospitalized a few times in Dec 2010—it’s still an ongoing process as my dr’s are trying to figure out what’s wrong w/ me now. I will need surgery in probably less than 2 years, it could be sooner depending on what my tests results show.
I have not been diagnosed w/ heart disease at this point I am hoping praying that it stays that way. My last stress echo showed that my EF dropped from 60% to 45%. I was put on 2 diff. beta blockers couldn’t stand the fatigue. Now I’m on a calcium channel blocker which seems to be working better.
I also have anxiety depression just found out that I may have bi polar II (mild form). So now I’m trying to tackle all of that in addition to my heart problems.
Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this…all I ask is that you will keep me the countless other number of people living w/ heart problems, heart disease, CHF, etc in your prayers as well. May God bless us all!

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