Lanette Hunt’s Story

Irregular Heart Beat Survivor, Age 50, Fort Smith, AR

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Lanette's Story

I have always considered myself as being healthy and in shape because I have had to be being in the military. I am 48 and have always passed my PT test that we have to take. One day I was exercising, getting ready for my annual PT test the following week, when after I ran half a lap I started getting dizzy and had shortness of breath. When I gained focused, I just blew it off at first until I started getting chest pains. These were not normal pains to me so I stopped got on the phone and called my doctor for an appointment. They got me in the next morning. He was concerned and had schedule a nuclear stress test for me. I was not able to get in right away until Monday, two weeks after my first sign of pains. He told me not to do any exercise until the diagnosis was complete. I took this back to my unit and put my annual PT test on hold. During that time, my pains would come and go, which was concerning me more each day with fear of something my happen to me. When I got to my stress test, the doctor that was administering the test stopped the test as soon as I told him that there was pain. He told me that the needles on the heart monitor was going crazy before I even mentioned pain. The next thing I knew I was being scheduled to see a cardiologist the following Friday. The cardiologist was concerned about the stress test and scheduled me for an angioplasty the following Monday. As I was in getting the angioplasty, I had a heart attack, the doctor stopped it immediately and told me that there was 98% blockage in two arteries and in my aortic valve. I could barely understand what he was saying because when he said surgery, the first thing that went through my mind is “this cannot be happening to me”, and all I could do was cry. So they prepared me for ICU. The doctor went out and told my family what was happening. I got to ICU and a short time later, I had another heart attack. All I rememeber was so many people around me prepping me for surgery. The doctor told me that they are preparing me for emergency surgery. I had a double bypass and aortic valve replacement. I am thankful each day that I survived something you are never really prepared on ever happening to you.

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Lanette is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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