Laura Sabalaskey’s Story


Laura's Story

Sparked by a weight loss challenge at work – and knowing full well that my weight and exercise were NOT where they should be – I started on my personal road to recovery. Within 2 months of proper diet and exercise, my cholesterol levels were no longer in the “high risk” category. Seven months later, I’ve lost a total of 55 pounds – and feeling TERRIFIC! My blood pressure (previously managed by medicine) is lowered to 110/64 – I’m no longer on my blood pressure medicine!! It’s fun to go clothes shopping now! As an added bonus, I’ve also managed to re-adjust our family’s diet and exercise lifestyle. My 20-year-old son joins me at the fitness center daily. With these healthy improvements, I’m now looking forward to my daughter’s wedding in June, 2009, when I’ll be able to enjoy it even more with even more exuberance — in a MUCH smaller dress size!

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