Laurinda Fiddler’s Story

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Laurinda's Story

At age 18 I was told I had a heart murmur. I didn’t believe the doctor so I ignored him. at age 24 I started having chest pain that radiated to my left arm and hand that would last about 2-3 min. I thought it was weird but still young and naive I went about life and didn’t worry about it. after more than a year of this and the frequency and length of the attacks increased  I went and saw a doctor. He ran some test and told me that I had an arrhythmia called bigeminy and trigeminy. He told me don’t worry about it they are common in athletic people of your age. I told him that I wasn’t athletic. He asked don’t you play any sports and I said an occasional baseball or tag football game with friends. He said that’s athletic. Then he advised me not to tell anyone I had this or I might have problems keeping my job. Employers don’t like medical stuff. So I followed his advice. After more years of on and off chest pain and a pounding in my chest I gave birth to my first child. When he was 9 months old I stopped nursing and went to a gynecologist to get birth control. He told me I had a murmur and need to see a cardiologist before he would prescribe birth control. So I went. She ran test and said I had mitrovalvue prolapse. She put me on meds but my bp is so low that I couldn’t handle them. so we just watched it since it was mild. She took good care of me. I moved away 6 yrs later. She told me not to fall through the cracks. I needed test to keep track since it was getting slowly worse. The next 6 years I was in and out of cardiologists’ offices being told it’s mitrovalve prolapse so get use to it. I eventually developed many arrhythmia also and I was always in and out of the hospital. I went back to my cardiologist from years earlier( even though it is 90 miles away). I had test and was given a pacemaker. I have since also had 2 cardiac ablations due to my over 10000 arrhythmia a day including afib and vtach. I have had 1 stroke and 3 TIA. I still occasionally go to the Er ( for really bad chest pains and get told why are you here? you have mitro valvue stop bothering us( by cardiologist) I was even questioned once what do you have a female cardiologist or something you have every test done at least 100 times.

Give and Receive support from Laurinda

Laurinda is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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