Leigh Ann Stephens’s Story

Heart Attack Survivor, Age 49, Marietta, GA

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Leigh Ann ' Story

It was a typical day, started cleaning and doing laundry, trying to catch up from spending the previous day with a friend I hadn’t seen in over 25 years! At about 3:00 p.m., after texting my friend making plans to meet up with our families for dinner I had a tremendous pain/pressure upon my chest. Thinking it might be anxiety or muscle pull I left my child playing video games to retire to the bedroom for some relief… Tried lying down without any relief, breathing, PRAYING….This can’t be happening to me! I was in my gown (at 3:00 …cleaning so no need to shower first…) thinking I might need to get dressed in case this might be something more severe and may involve others coming into my home. As I am getting dressed I’m beginning to sweat (really sweat, like wet hair sweat) and then the waves of nausea began! At that point I knew this wasn’t something I could fly under the radar with! So I begin to ask my son to get his Dad on the phone. After three attempts of the voice mail picking up, I ask my son to call a neighbor for a ride to the ER… After seriously considering driving myself…I realize this is definitely a heart attack I tell my son “mama is having a heart attack, please call 911″…the call was placed and within 3-5 minutes I had house full of 7-8 hunky paramedics standing before me, performing EKG, squirting nitro glycerin under my tongue, starting IVs and feeding me four baby aspirin! The ambulance arrived and we were off (without my flip-flops) down the drive on the stretcher for ALL the world to see! Within an hour and a half of the initial call I lay on the table of the cardiac cath lab of the local trauma center having three stents placed in my 99.9% blocked artery! Yes! I had made it to the hospital within the “GOLDEN HOUR” and thanks to my 7-year-old son and the emergency teams, as well as the medical staff I am still here! I was admitted to the ICCU on Tuesday evening and was released from ICCU on Thursday afternoon to my wonderful family to return home! The reason I post this story is to let all the mother’s out there doing it all and not thinking of themselves, please don’t ignore these symptoms and NEVER underestimate the little ones in your life! They are the hero that may very well save YOUR life.

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Leigh Ann is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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