Machelle Morejohn’s Story

High Cholesterol Survivor, Age 55, Oakland, OR

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Machelle's Story

I had just turn 51 last year busy with life but always conscience of my diet and exercise. Had always thought I was fortunate to be healthy well as the story goods, ” you can’t judge a book by the cover”.  It started with heart burn for around three months which just became worse by the day. It got to the point where the pain went up into my jaw wrapped around my ear and onto the tip of my shoulder. I had a hard time raising my arms up above my head doing anything as simple as washing my hair. I went to my doctor which found that my EKG was not normal and the doctor made me a appointment with a cardiologist in six weeks. After two weeks I knew I couldn’t make it four more weeks. My gut feeling took me to the ER to get some kind of test done, something to get the ball rolling. Having to spend the night the next day having a angiogram which showed I had a 80 percent, one inch long blockage on my left main, ( the widow maker) they call it a mans disease, which is usually fatal. I had emergency bypass surgery within a few hours. All went well and everyday after surgery I became stronger and stronger, it wasn’t easy but very well worth it. So glad to by around to tell my story!  I have never smoked or have high blood pressure but my cholesterol did gradually raise over the last ten years. I’ve have become more aware of my diet and instead of counting calories I count fat. Which I have been able to bring my cholesterol  down to more of a normal level.


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Machelle is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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