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Madison James’s Story

Plano, TX

Madison' Story

I support Go Red for Women because my family has a history of heart defects/disease.I was born with a hereditary heart defect that was not diagnosed until my early twenties. I made it through childhood, numerous track “boot camps” :) … only to have my first scare while walking around my office. I had been stressed for a while due to deadlines and keeping up with launches and kept feeling fatigued. Sometimes my lips would even turn blue-ish. It wasn’t until I felt my chest beating throughout my body and in my ears that I realized there was something going on. I had always lived a very active life, healthy diet and lots of athletic activities.The stress just proved to be too much.I went to my doctor for a screening and found I had mitral regurgitation. My grandmother was born with a hole in her heart as well, but I was never checked. Thankfully, the rest of the women in my family have no complications to date.. At first I was very scared and worried about all the “what ifs?” … the biggest being, “What if my daughter has it as well?”.I continue to stay active, watch my diet and rest a little extra when needed. I keep my stress level down as much as possible and smile everyday. I don’t let this condition define my life, but I speak to others about this condition and the others women are challenged with every day.

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