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Overweight Survivor, Age 37, tampa, FL

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Mayka's Story

I don’t have a story about myself or anyone with heart disease. But I would just like to say that I am a nursing student and i study about heart disease. Its something I wouldn’t want myself or my loved ones to ever get. I have been diagnosed with high triglycerides. my doctor informed that if i didn’t lose weight it could lead to high cholesterol. I did lose weight and my triglycerides went down but after a year i have gained a lot more weight due to school and stress. i am currently focusing on losing weight again and watching what i eat on a daily basis today and in the future.

Also my parents both have high blood pressure so I’m always giving them patient teaching on how to lower it and what to eat and what not to. i’m always worried about them…that one day i will get a bad phone call.

I take supplements to prevent  heart disease and also encourage my friends and families to do so as well. So this is why I support.

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Mayka is interested in giving support to other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to receive support.


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