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Melissa Moore’s Story

Redondo Beach, CA

Melissa's Story

I’m 55 and during the last 6 months I’ve lost 45 lbs through healthy eating and 5-6 visits per week to the gym. Never been skinnier. Never been more fit. Feel great! Bought my first pair of size 8 jeans EVER they’re too loose! I’ve had MVP with mild regurge my whole adult life. Never a problem. On a routine visit to my primary I mentioned that it seemed like my heart was a little more “active” than usual – fluttering, PVC’s etc. Again, nothing terribly out of the ordinary. He put me on an event monitor for 2 weeks. Within 24 hours he called in a panic to get right to the pharmacy pick up a beta blocker and that he booked an appt. with a cardiologist for the next day. Saw the cardiologist and had an echo. She called me an hour later to say the “my heart was not good.” Since my previous echo in 2008, my heart has enlarged, my lung pressure was way up and my regurge has gone from mild to very severe – the mitral valve is in failure. She informed me that I will be having the valve replaced in the next month. Wow. From fitness to open heart surgery in the blink of an eye! The lesson: heart disease can absolutely sneak up on you without any symptoms and listen to your body!
So I’m getting ready for surgery with my biggest motivators – my 3 teenage boys and my husband of 24 years.

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