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Melody's Story

Heart disease is a complete circle in my life. My father has HBP as well as suffered a heart attack in 1997. My mother had HBP and suffered a massive stoke in 2004. She passed in October, 2008. My mother-n-law had HBP, suffered a stroke in 1991 and died from a heart attack in 2006. I also suffered from HBP and have been on medication for the last two years. It was really weird becauce I had doctors appointment every week for about a two months because my doctor wanted to be sure it was HBP. We knew it wasn’t my diet because I am a Food Scientist so I am very aware of eating right. My husband and I also changedour diet in 1997 following my father’s examples. The HBP was because of my family history. My main concernis to take care of myself and tobe here for my girls to see them grow into women, wives and mothers. I have to be here so that it falls in that order! SMILE

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