Mildred Day’s Story

Kensington, CT

Mildred's Story

22 Years ago, I had my first heart attack. I was scheduled for angioplasty. Right after the procedure I had pain in my chest and needed an emergency bypass. For a year I took care of myself, eating properly and not smoking. But as time passed and I felt better, I went back to eating poorly and smoking. Six years later I was back with another heart attack and again needed bypass surgery for blocked arteries. That was 17 years ago,needless to say I learned my lesson the hard way. I have not smoked since that dreadful day and eat healthier. I also have carotid blockage and am tested once a year. It is important for women to take care of themselves, I was a very lucky person and I am so glad I turned my life around. It can happen to you too , just try to follow a healthy lifestyle and be aware of early signs of trouble.

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