Moira Mckee’s Story

Philadelphia PA 19128, PA

Moira's Story

Living with and taking care of Tachycardia is not an easy responsibility for a 7 year old to have. Hell, its not always easy for a 23 year old! But its important to take care of my heart and follow my Cardiologists advice and continue taking my Atenolol prescription daily. Despite our own popular belief we need to take care of ourselves and each other. By eating heart healthy foods, exercising regularly, avoiding unnecessary stress and continuing my medication I am relieving the stress on my heart and reducing my risk for blood clots that cause stroke or heart attack and heart failure.
As women, we tend to downplay our own issues and even illnesses. Sometimes to focus on the ones we love and simply because sometimes admitting you might have a serious problem… means.. well, that you might have a serious problem. With an organization like this and all the proud women involved, I think theres a lot less to be scared of and a lot more to pat ourselves on the back for.
I can do everything someone with-out Tachycardia can do. Usually better too. ;P

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