Nicole Light’s Story


Nicole's Story

I am only 29 years old this year and my family has a strong history of coronary artery disease. (spelling?) My maternal grandfather passed at forty three years old of a heart attack, my paternal grandmother had a quadrupedal bypass at the age of fifty five, my father had a heart attack at 52 and had stints put in two arteries, my mother has high cholesterol, and my paternal grandfather has three stints. I know that I am just waiting for the time bomb to go off if not soon it would be later. With knowledge comes wisdom and strength. I get my cholesterol checked every year and now it has come to pass again that it is time to change my lifestyle for the better and for good, not just for now to get by. I was so scared with my father was in the hospital with his sudden heart attack. It is creepy that all these episodes in the family happened after being checked and double checked with stress tests and cholesterol checks. I am lucky to have them and glad I can learn from their experiences they all give me hope and strength. Yah I was angry and annoyed that I am having to change my life to just make it to see my grandchildren one day, but now I realize that this to shall pass and I will feel better as the days, weeks, months and years move on that I get a chance to head off a possible bomb waiting to go off. My heart and blessings are with everyone who struggles with more severe problems and have survived. Cause of you we have hope.

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