Peggy Gabriel’s Story


Peggy's Story

I was only 46 years old and found out I had suffered a heart attack.. Due to not knowing I have a 100% blockage on the left side bottom venticule with heart muscle damage. This was in 96 before all the knowledge that woman can have different kinds of heart attack. It is scary to think I was having a heart attack and didn’t know it. This was before menopause so I didn’t fit the statics I had heard of that woman were more prone to heat attacks after menopause. Genics played a big part due to my Mom had a open heart surgery when she was 53 years old . Since I was only 29 years old I didn’t know the risk of me having a heart attack at a younger age increased my odds because of her having heart disease under the age of 60 years old. Woman also was not taking serious if we complained of chest pains or hurting somewhere else. When I was 30 years old and going threw a divorce I had shortness of breath and irregular heart beats and was sent to a cardiologist by my family doctor. This doctor did no tests other than listening to my heart and told me it was mitral value and told me I was ok. I believe if he had taken it more serious maybe I wouldn’t had a heart attack when I was 46 years old. Also when they did a stress text after complainer of fatigue they told me I passed. The next day I got a call after the text was reviewed more that I had part of my left heart not moving and the doctor thought I may have had a heart attack. I was then made a appointment for the following Monday to have a catherization done that confirmed the silent heart attack with heart muscle damage.Now if I have chest pains or any pain that does not go away I call the doctor immediately or go to emergency room, I had rather be safe that sorry.I am glad to support GO RED FOR WOMAN!I am sorry but i could not get a picture to upload. I am now 58 years old living with heart disease for 12 years and have been told I have shortened my life by 30% nut I will keep on doing what my Doctors say and take my Meds as suppose too. take care of yourself when you are young or you will pay for it down the road.. Know the signs of a woman’s heart attack and pay attention to your body.

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