Raymond Johnson’s Story



Raymond's Story

My mother Lela was born 06-02-1947 and died 12-30-2006 from a massive heart attack (Rupture of Myocardium). She had Heart Disease for a number of years: In December 1988 she had a Pacemaker Implanted. I was not aware at all that her condition was getting worse till i got the call in December 2006. Last time i saw her was a week before she died: she said she was trying to get rid of a Urinary Tract Infection: she said she had some pain in her abdomen area. Now that i think back on it that was more then likely her warning sign of a pending heart disaster. Women of all ages need to get to the ER IMMEDIATELY if they have pains anywhere in the chest/abdomen area. DO NOT IGNORE IT LADIES: GET IT CHECKED OUT. Heart Disease is not something to play around with. My mom died at age 59 from the event.

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