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Sandy's Story

Oct 17, 2012-Arrived at work at 7 am.  By 7:30am I was not feeling well.  At 8am I felt like I had pulled some muscles in my chest.  I went home at 1pm.  By this time I was tired, had a headache & my chest really hurt.  My oldest daughter, Kasey(20), asked why I was home.  I told her I didn’t feel well (I was never really sick up to this point).  She thought it was rather odd.  The couch looked comfortable, so I laid down & slept til 9pm.  At this point no matter what I did I couldn’t get comfortable.  My youngest daughter, Haley(18), asked if I was ok.  Around 10pm, I told them I needed to go to the ER as I didn’t want to die.  I was admitted for a heart attack.  The next day they did a stress test which I failed miserably (I worked out all the time & did all the healthy things), by passing out 2 minutes into the test.  Later in my room the dr came in & told me that I needed heart surgery within the next 6 months or I would be dead.  I remained in the hospital for 5 days.

May 9, 2012-Heart attack #2.

May 16, 2012-I had heart valve repair surgery.  It was touch & go for the first 3 days.  I hardly remember those days.  Bits & pieces are all I have.  They had me set up with a temporary pacemaker.  On 3 seperate occassions they tried to turn it off to see if my heart would do what it was meant to do.  I died all 3 times.  They then gave me a pacemaker.

July, August, Sept, Oct 2012-I had a TIA in each of those months.

February 16, 2013-I was admitted to the hospital to be monitored while they were putting me on Sotalol.  I had been in A Fib off & on since my surgery.

March 2013-My dr’s diagnosed me with congestive heart failure.  The rest of the news didn’t get any better from there.  They told me that I would have at least 10 yrs.  I’m determined to prove them wrong.

May 12, 2013-I had yet another TIA

Dec 3, 2013-Yet again another TIA

Since my surgery & pacemaker I have been taking Coumadin, tried countless other medications, that worked to no avail.  The Sotalol seems to be working.  

The only other problems that I live with are low blood pressure & shortness of breath, since my surgery,  My little finger, ring finger, left side of my hand & left side of my left arm are tingly since May 2013.  I have no feeling in the 2 fingers, too.

It’s been a long fight & struggle, but I will prevail.  I’m thankful for every morning that I open my eyes & put my feet on the floor.

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Sandy is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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