Shari Lowe’s Story


Shari's Story

In 1997 I suffered a full blowen heart attack and went into cardiac arrest moments after arriving at the emergency room of a hospital. I had angioplasty and 2 bare metal stents placed…one in my main artery the LAD, left anterior descending artery. It was one month before my 51st birthday. It is 2009 and I went 11 years without incident. Then, while vacationing, I experienced chest discomfort and was rushed to a hospital in San Diego. It was August, 2008. My stents in the LAD and a diagonal branch off the LAD were renarrowing. I had 2 new coated stents placed inside the original ones.I returned home very scared and on plavix for life. All other procedures or minory surgeries had to be put on hold. I have had nuclear stress tests every yearsince 1995. One stress last December showd some problems and I had a 3RD stent ( coated) placed just below the 2 others in my LAD. I hada catherization just this past Aprilat the cleveland Clinic fearful of needing bypass surgery. All my stents are open with small blocks in 3 other places which can be held at bay with medication to keep my LDL down below 70 and lifestyle changes..I worry everyday that something big will happen to me or that I may not get a warning as before. My symptoms were always differnt then the last and not typical. I will go the hospital and happily be told that all blood test and such are normal…go home. I urge everyone to do this rather than shrug discomfort off. Time is muscle!I hope to connect with others who have simiar conditions and need to reduce weight, exercise, and reduce stress!!! I will upload a picture in the near future.writing from the desert of Scottsdale , Arizona where the triple digets have begun!Wishing all a healthy year,Shari

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