Sharon Martinez’s Story

West Sacramento, CA

Sharon's Story

My sister is 48 years old and suffered a heart attack 3 months ago. She has no insurance and the State said she would have to pay for Medical $700.00 a month. She has filed an appeal because her husband’s income has decreased quite alot with this economy. The problem for her is she has no follow up care from a cardiologist. She is currently enrolled in school and trying to complete the course so she can become employed and hopefully get some healthcare. With the new Congress wanting to stop the healthcare plan that would have provided her with healthcare, she has no means to get the care she needs. There are so many people without healthcare and unless we can reach out and help those who need our help, more and more of our sisters, mothers, aunts and friends will succumb to heat disease. I will do whatever it takes to spread the word about heart disease. I urge all those who read my story to contact their congressman and push to make sure we have a national healthcare plan in place ASAP. This sounds political, but in fact, it is about saving lives.

Sharon Martinez

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