Sheila Carew’s Story

Rochester, WA

Sheila's Story

I had the perfect family, my parents were happily married for over 30 years, I had two beautiful girls, my youngest just turned one, and my niece was only a month old, when we got the call. THE CALL. My dad on the phone crying, I had never heard that. He was calling to tell me my mother was dead. What? We had all been together the day before, Valentines Day. Moving them into their new home, just built for their retirement. we laughed and talked and had a wonderful day. My mom was worn out from moving and had a bit of a head ache, but all was fine. The next day she woke up and made a drive to pick up the last of her things to move into the house. She died in the car on the way. Heart Attack. Sorry there was no chance to save her. What? My mom struggled with high cholesterol and blood pressure, and had a bit of weight to drop. But she ate healthy every day, had quit smoking, walked miles each day. She was dead at 62 of a heart attack. The autopsy showed she had had a previous heart attack, she never knew. She had good health care, she took care of her self, her symptom was being tired and having a headache. She was dead at 62. There is nothing in life that is certain, except death, so live life while you can. Make it the best life you can. Love your family while you can. Life is far to short not to!

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