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SVT Survivor, Age 51, Navasota, TX

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Sonya' Story

My name is Sonya and I’m 48 years old. My journey with heart problems started back in 2009. I started noticing that my heart would start beating fast out of the blue. I was hospitalized several times before I got a diagnosis.The diagnosis was SVT in which I had to have a Cardiac Ablation done in 2010. Exactly one year later I started experiencing shortness of breath,chest tightness and chest pain.My primary doctor sent me to see an Cardiologist, he ran every test that could be ran for you heart and they all came back normal.I would not take no for an answer. Finally on October 16, 2012 he did a heart cathe on my and found 3 blockages. I had one stent implant done that day on a 90% blockage. Two weeks later I got sick again and had to be admitted back into the hospital.Had another cathe done and another 80% blockage had popped up in two weeks time. I had to have two more stent implants.As I was looking at the xray of my heart the blood flow to the right side of my heart stopped flowing. My doctor ,his assistant and the nurse all stopped what they were doing and stared at the monitor  My doctor told me that the stent was moving up and down and it was not anything he could do about it, of course I panicked and you feel the tension in the room. Finally my doctor told his assistant to give me some nitro I think and you could see the right side of my heart light up like a Christmas tree.A beautiful sight indeed.I have been hospitalized several times since then with chest pain.My doctor chose to use meds instead of doing another cathe. This has totally changed my life because my family history is heart disease and everything that goes along with it. My mom 56, my uncle 56, my dad 39, several cousins in their 40’s and my Aunt 29 all died from massive heart attacks,that’s only naming a few. Everyday I fear that it’s going to be my last day. I pray to God that I can find the support that I need through this site, because I have not had the love and support that I need since my near death experiences.

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