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High Blood Pressure Survivor, Age 47, Morgantown, WV

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SUSAN's Story

My Dad, Delmer Trimble passed away on November 26, 2012 unexpectedly. He was being treated for COPD and had survived lung cancer despite the fact the Dr gave him a small chance of surviving. He moved in with my family and I in September so that we could take care of him. He was unable to manage his daily life without a struggle. It was great having my Dad with me. He was my best friend. During Thanksgiving weekend he wasn’t feeling well, his arthritis was causing him so much pain, so I made him an appointment for Monday, November 26th. I talked to him around 1:00 as he was leaving home for his 1:45 appt. I told him I loved him and to call me when he got out of the Dr. Around 1:20 I started becoming very anxious to the point that I had a panic attack. I could feel it in my heart something was wrong. I started calling his cell phone, he didn’t answer. Around 3:00 I called the Dr office they said he had been there and had left. I called my husband asked when he got off work at 4:00 if he would through the parking lot at the Dr to see if my Dads truck was still there. Allen (my husband) called a little after 4:00 my Dad wasn’t there. So he drove home the way he thought my Dad would. I called the neighbor to see if perhaps his truck was there and maybe he had fallen asleep and couldn’t here the phone. She said no, but she did see him leave. I prayed and paced. I finally called the local hospital only to find that my dear sweet Dad was there in the ER. I was transferred several times, no one would tell me what had happened. I finally spoke to the Medical Examiner only to be told my Dad had passed away apparently while driving to his Dr. appt that he never made it to. (The Dr office didn’t even check to see if he had been there). After an autopsy was performed we discovered that my Dad had hypertensive heart disease. His heart should have weighed 350 grams, weighed 495 grams. The Dr that performed the autopsy advised that this condition was more than likely caused from high blood pressure. My Dad never made any mention of high blood pressure and wasn’t treated for high blood pressure or any type of heart disease. My sister and I lost our Mom 10 years ago to COPD and heart disease. I don’t want my child to grow up without a Mom. I don’t even know where to begin to become heart healthy. All I know is that I need to do this for myself, my child and my dear Dad, my best friend.

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SUSAN is interested in giving and receiving support from other women with heart disease. Contact her if you'd like to give and receive support.


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