Tiffany Holtackers’s Story

Poquoson, VA

Tiffany' Story

I am a 34 yr. old healthy mother of 2. In June 2010 I experienced what I thought to be an anxiety attack…NOPE…It was a heart attack. After having a hearth cath done, 3 arteries were found with blockages. 100%, 80% and 90%. God must have been on my side because there was no muscle damage to my heart. After 2 weeks I was admitted into the hospital for a triple bypass. Much to our surprise there was a 4th artery blocked so I had a quadruple bypass. Surgery was a success and I thank God that I am here everyday!! I am 2 weeks post op and feeling very good. I still have extreme soreness in my sternum but other than that I’m getting around so good! Although coronary artery disease runs in my family I never thought in a million years that this could happen to me at my age. Know the warning signs of a heart attack and ALWAYS seek medical attention whenever you experience the slightest bit of chest discomfort. Know your family history and talk with your doctor about being a high risk.

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