Create Habits that Stick Infographic

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

The science is in: Your brain can be trained to build habits.

Just include these three steps to create habits that stick:

  1. Cue

    A cue is a reminder to act on your habit. It jogs your memory, prompting you to act in same place, at same time, every day.

    Example: If you hope to make a habit of maintaining muscle tone in your arms, leave hand weights on your sofa where you’ll see them.

  2. Routine
  3. Choose a small, achievable version of your habit to start with. Make sure that it’s something you like, so that it’s easily repeatable.

    Example: To build a walking habit, start with a short 15-minute route instead of an ambitious hour-long hike. Invite a friend to join you!

  4. Reward
  5. This third step is crucial. Positive emotions make habits stick. So have fun while you do your new activity, or associate it with a reward.

    Example: If your new habit is core strengthening, try “temptation bundling.” Reserve watching your favorite TV show for when you exercise.

Build a “habit loop.”

Repeating these three steps – cue, routine and reward – will help you maintain your habit.

Missed a day? It’s an opportunity!

Give yourself another chance. Change your cue, routine or reward until your habit sticks.

Coach Whistle

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Create Habits That Stick Inofographic

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