Mental Well-being: Tips from Heart Disease and Stroke Survivors

Class of Real Women 2023
For most women, life is a constant balancing act: jobs, kids, social plans, grocery shopping, appointments, chores, managing finances and more. To-do lists can often seem endless. But what about physical activity? Healthy meal planning? Meditating? Getting enough sleep? Do any of those make it on your daily checklists?

It’s important that your wellness — which includes your physical and mental health — not only be on your to-do list but also is a top priority. Growing research shows that poor mental health can contribute to the risk of heart disease and can be associated with unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, being physically inactive and not eating well.

Overall wellness contributes to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. That’s why it's so important that women take care of their health — both physically and mentally. Learn how the members of our 2023 Real Women Class of Survivors, everyday women - just like you, prioritize their mental well-being.

It’s important that your wellness — which includes your physical and mental health — not only be on your to-do list but also is a top priority.

Dawn Turnage

Transient Ischemic Attack Survivor

“Planting trees and gardening allows me to combine my new joy of physical activity with social interaction.”

Clase de mujeres reales de 2023 Dawn Turnage plantando árboles.
 Real Women Class 2023 Dina Pinelli haciendo yoga afuera

Dina Pinelli

Heart Attack Survivor

“Practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga help to steady my mind and allow me to attune to the sensation in my body keeping me focused on just this breath, just this moment. When the world around me is swirling and things feel out of control, I’m reminded to pause, connect to my heart and allow my breath to flow gently, releasing anxiety and worry and calling in strength and peace.”

Jia Wu

Transient Ischemic Attack Survivor

“I enjoy going for a hike or run to clear my mind while getting in some exercise.”

Clase de mujeres reales 2023 Jia Wu caminando sobre un puente
Mujeres Reales Clase 2023 Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan

Postpartum Stroke Survivor

“I love reading a good book in my pink nook to enjoy quiet time and destress.”


Margarita Pineiro

SCAD Survivor

“Intentional physical movement has become a way to keep my heart healthy, but it also has allowed me to disconnect and reset. Through this process, it's showed me the benefits it's had on my mental health.”

Mujeres Reales Clase 2023 Margarita Piñeiro caminando en caminadora
Clase de mujeres reales 2023 Sharell Weeams bailando

Sharell Weeams

Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest Survivor

“Mental well-being can mean the difference between self-care and self-destruction…especially when it comes to caring for our health and our heart. Dancing helps me release stress, get exercise, express myself and feel extreme joy all at the same time. It’s my ultimate form of mental well-being.”

Shemellar Davis

Postpartum Cardiomyopathy Survivor

“I enjoy taking long walks around my neighborhood while listening to music. My favorite genre of music is R&B, especially the 90s. This soothes me and allows me to think logically.”

Mujeres reales Clase 2023 Shemellar Davis caminando por el parque
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