Show Us Your Good

The American Heart Association is here to help YOU be an influencer of goodwill with a menu of ways you can show up and share up. #ShowUsYourGood

Why #ShowUsYourGood?

Helping and giving back to neighbors, health care workers and others is how we can be powerful during this critical time. Share your good acts via posts, comments and photos on social media at the hashtag #ShowUsYourGood and help us motivate and encourage others to seek out and share the good. Need ideas to get started? Your connection to something amazing is just a little further down the page so keep scrolling!

Now is NOT the time to be humble. It’s time for the humblebrag. It is praise-worthy, random acts of kindness time. It’s “share it with the world” time. To motivate others. To inspire even greater good. Celebrate the selfies during good deeds. Share what joy you find, so the world can pass it on. Be an influencer for goodwill. Show us your good. And like it. #ShowUsYourGood

Donate Blood

Hospitals are facing extreme shortages, but donation centers remain open and have instituted new sanitation protocols to ensure the safety of symptom-free donors.

Check on Seniors

Check on elderly in your area who may be isolated by social distancing. Consider reaching out to senior living facilities to offer virtual interactions.

Make or Donate Masks

Volunteers who sew are needed to help make CDC-recommended masks for family, friends and donations to the general public.

Double-up on Shopping

When you’re out for your regular shopping trip, pick up items for an at-risk neighbor or relative. Consider heart healthy, shelf-stable items.

Foster a Shelter Animal

Help animal shelter staff by agreeing to foster an animal currently in a shelter. Spending time with pets can lower stress and even your blood pressure.

Advocate for Access to Care

Add your voice: We’re calling on Congress to provide financial relief for nonprofits to ensure our critical work creating healthier communities can continue. Join us in advocating for healthier food, access to healthcare, ending surprise medical billing… and so much more!

Support a Nonprofit

Nonprofits need financial support now more than ever as they research and address many issues that are a direct result of the coronavirus crisis.

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The Exchange: Match Critical Resources with Needs

Do you work for a company or organization looking for a way to help your community? Many companies and organizations are poised to help out if made aware of a specific need. Go to the Beneficial Business Exchange and join to begin posting goods, services, and solutions your company has available to donate.

Show Frontline Workers Gratitude

Safely send thank-you messages to health care staff, emergency responders, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, and others. Sponsor meal deliveries, make yard signs or write in a window to inspire and encourage.

Become a Power Ambassador for your Congregation

The American Heart Association and WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined) are committed to ensuring equitable health for all people. Help support the ongoing health journeys of African American women and faith-based communities by becoming a Power Ambassador to organize church groups for weekly online health lessons.

Review Translated Documents for Diverse Communities

The AHA is working to translate vital documents and we need volunteers who understand our mission and our emphasis on scientific accuracy and cultural sensitivity. We currently seek those who are fluent in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese (traditional or simplified), Mandarin, Hmong and Korean.

Crisis Text Line

Due to shelter-in-place orders and physical distancing, mental health concerns have heightened and volunteers are needed to assist with the increased need. Crisis Text Line provides free, nationwide, 24/7 support for people in crisis, all via text message.