My Cardiac Coach

This app is no longer available. Please visit our Cardiac Rehab section for more information about recovering from a heart attack.

My Cardiac Coach app screenshot

After a heart attack, you're told to focus on recovery. Then you're left to figure it out. What are the next steps? Where do you find reliable information? How do you make good health habits and stick to them? Or keep track of medications and doctor's appointments? And with all that to worry about, how do you keep from getting too overwhelmed to move forward?

Those are just the kinds of questions that inspired the American Heart Association to develop My Cardiac Coach, a free mobile app that can help you find your way to a healthier future after a heart attack.

My Cardiac Coach is a personalized recovery toolkit you carry in your smartphone. It gives you anytime/anywhere access to everything you need, including:

  • Trustworthy information from the experts at the American Heart Association
  • Interactive lessons to help you learn what you need to know
  • Progress-trackers for monitoring blood pressure and weight
  • Tools for logging physical activity and managing medications
  • Connections to other survivors through our Support Network