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Nefertiti Clavon: Multicultural Scholar


by the Go Red For Women Editors

Clavon Aims to Improve Lives as a Catalyst for Change

Nefertiti Clavon was born into a family where diabetes and high blood pressure seemingly plagued them.  Exposure to these medical conditions at an early age intrigued Clavon, a recipient of the Go Red™ Multicultural Scholarship Fund, and served as the basis for her passion in medicine.

Initially, she wanted to become a doctor, but that decision quickly changed when she learned about the critical importance of prevention and the key role health promotions plays in that area.

Clavon understands that diseases afflicting loved ones within her home are also afflicting people — young and old — throughout her community.  The lack of access to quality medical care and resources propelled Clavon to find a way to become a catalyst for change.

“The burning desire that resides deep within my heart was placed there in hopes of changing the lives of people,” she says. “Health has to do with every single part of your life; therefore, I am devoted to making positive changes in my hometown, nationwide and across the world.”

Clavon is currently a Health Promotions major at the University of Houston.  She also interns at the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Center of Health Equity and Evaluation Research, where she was assigned to Children and Neighborhoods Defeating Obesity in Houston (CAN DO HOUSTON).  Additionally, she serves as vice president of Cougar Peer Educators, a student organization dedicated to educating peers on a variety of health issues.

“I’ve learned through my work that it’s easy to tell people to live healthier, but when they have limited access to healthy foods because their neighborhoods don’t have fresh fruits and vegetables or they don’t have anywhere to exercise because their parks aren’t safe, you realize how big the problem really is,” she says.

“The Go Red Multicultural Scholarship gives me the opportunity to continue my education and embark on a career that allows me to dedicate my life to helping others in the hopes of contributing to more years of joy-filled lives.”

The Go Red Multicultural Scholarship Fund, sponsored by Macy’s, will assist Clavon in her journey to help others.