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Circle of Red (CDR) es una asociación de personas apasionadas que luchan contra las cardiopatías y los accidentes cerebrovasculares en mujeres.

Grupo de miembros de Circle of Red 2019

Los miembros de Circle of Red son de distintas comunidades a lo largo de Estados Unidos, utilizan su influencia, generosidad y su calidad de embajadoras para ayudar a aumentar la concienciación sobre las cardiopatías (la principal causa de muerte en mujeres) y para inspirar a las mujeres a cuidar de su salud cardíaca.

Los miembros de Circle of Red son líderes en sus comunidades y familias. Para muchas de ellas, la lucha contra las cardiopatías es personal.

Como algunos de nuestros mayores defensores del movimiento Go Red for Women, los miembros de Circle of Red no solo ayudan a salvar vidas, sino que son el corazón de nuestra misión.

Logotipo de Circle of Red

¿Por qué unirse a Circle of Red?

Como miembro del Circle of Red, usted es una defensora de la salud de la mujer. Los miembros de Circle of Red apreciarían que:

  • Eventos sociales especiales y experiencias VIP a nivel local y nacional, con un día festivo nacional en diciembre
  • Actualizaciones exclusivas de la misión
  • Reconocimiento como miembro de Circle of Red
  • Membresía en una comunidad significativa

Se una a nosotros y forme parte de un grupo excepcional.

Comuníquese con su oficina local de la AHA para saber cómo puede unirse a Circle of Red o envíenos un correo electrónico.

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Miembros destacadas de Circle of Red

Forme parte de algo grande.

Doreen Griffith

Doreen Griffith

Dallas, TX

Dallas Office Managing Partner, Grant Thornton LLP

A few years ago, while on a work trip, I began having tightness in my chest. I faced a dilemma many other women experience- do I brush my symptoms off as the product of a busy lifestyle and stress or do I advocate for myself and risk making a fuss to see a doctor? I chose the latter, something that I now know many other women do not feel comfortable doing. I felt empowered to seek help after pulling up the American Heart Association and Go Red for Women information online and looking at symptoms in women. I’m now passionate about using my position and voice to encourage other women to advocate like I did, as a board member for the Dallas Division of the American Heart Association, chair of the 2021-2022 Dallas Go Red for Women movement chair and Circle of Red member.

Valerie Kelly

Valerie Kelly

Phoenix, Arizona

Director of Client Relationships, Kitchell

Go Red for Women and the American Heart Association’s mission are very near and dear to my heart. I have felt the pain of loss that this disease causes. Heart disease killed my father at only 52 years old. And just four years ago, I lost my very best friend for life, my sister who was my everything. I Go Red to fight the disease that took those who I love the most. I Go Red for myself, all the women who don’t realize that this is their number one threat, but most of all, I Go Red for my family!

Keisha Olinger

Keisha Olinger

Atlanta, Georgia

Client Management Leader; Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Willis Towers Watson

The sound of machines whirring and beeping, the unique antiseptic smell of a hospital, the sight of doctors and nurses rushing by and the feeling with each heartbeat that something was “off.” I looked at my mother holding my hand next to my bedside in the ER and asked, “Am I going to be ok?” Thankfully, the answer was yes. But the post-pregnancy preeclampsia complications that landed me back in the hospital in 2011 a week after my youngest child’s birth left a profound effect on me. I vowed to never take a heartbeat for granted. That’s why in 2019 when I was asked to join the Metro Atlanta Circle of Red, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to help ensure we win the fight against heart disease and stroke. And as Chair in 2020, we saw first-hand the impacts of COVID-19, prolonged stress and racial disparity in health care and it galvanized me and the dynamic women in the Circle of Red even more that to help ensure that any woman who ever finds herself wondering ‘will she be ok with the next heartbeat’, that the answer will be yes.

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith

Kansas City, Missouri

Personal Injury Attorney, Smith Mohlman Injury Law, LLC

I joined Circle of Red because the women I loved and admired were part of the organization, and heart disease is a threat to my family. Years ago, my father made a trip to Kansas City to speak at a Veterans Day event at my children’s school. He was in pain and complaining of indigestion. We found out he was having a series of heart attacks the whole time. He ultimately received the care he needed, but I still have a young cousin in heart failure and a beloved aunt with life threatening heart issues as well. I am proud of the impact the incredible group of COR members continue to make in Kansas City, and I feel great joy every time I can connect with the group. In the six years I’ve been a member, I have been inspired by so many stories, and so many people willing to commit time and energy to defeating this devastating disease.

Alexandra Ward, MD, FACC

Alexandra Ward

Hampton Roads, Virginia

Director, Women’s Heart Center, Riverside Cardiology Specialists

The American Heart Association has always held a special place in my heart for both professional and personal reasons. As a cardiologist with a focus on women’s health, I am faced daily with the impact of heart disease. Moreover, as a daughter, I have witnessed how heart disease effects the family of patients, as my father was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease and underwent bypass surgery in his 50s. For these reasons, I was excited to be a part of the AHA and its great work. In particular, I am proud to be a part of the Circle of Red, connecting with community leaders to fight heart disease. It has truly been a pleasure to serve as the Circle of Red Chair for Hampton Roads this past year. I have met many wonderful women, both current members and new, at various events, most particularly at the recent Heart Walk. It has been my honor to Go Red!

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