Heart Insight

Heart Insight es nuestra publicación mensual donde se ofrecen noticias, recursos e historias en línea para pacientes cardíacos y sus familias. 

Esperamos que nos diga qué temas le gustaría que abordemos. Y lo alentamos a que envíe sus historias para una posible publicación.  

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¿Le gustaría compartir su historia?

If you want to share your story, we want to hear from you. We believe it’s important to shine a spotlight on heart disease survivors and caregivers. They can inspire and help fellow survivors through their journeys, and help people understand what it’s like to recover from a heart event or live with heart disease. Here’s what you need to know if you’d like us to publish your story:  

Who will write my story? You can do it yourself, or we can have our professional editorial staff interview you and write it for you. Whatever works best for you works for us! 

Are all submissions published? We’ll consider every story we receive, but we can’t guarantee publication. We’ll publish as many as we can.  
Where would my story appear? In our monthly Heart Insight e-news, on heart.org and possibly on other AHA/ASA properties. If our editorial staff writes your story, it also will be syndicated through The Associated Press and may appear in news outlets and on websites nationwide.    

How do I submit my story? If you’d like to write your own story, send up to 800 words to [email protected]. If you’d like to be interviewed for a story, email a summary of your story to [email protected].


Nuestras galardonadas noticias en línea de Heart Insight se publican mensualmente y ofrecen paquetes publicitarios para ayudarlo a llegar a nuestra valiosa audiencia de pacientes cardíacos, sus familias y los profesionales de la salud que trabajan con ellos. 

Comuníquese con nosotros para obtener un kit de medios y más información sobre la publicidad.