Cómo puede la hipertensión arterial provocar daño o insuficiencia renal

¿Puede la HTA causar insuficiencia renal?

Your kidneys and circulatory system depend on each other for good health. The kidneys help filter wastes and extra fluids from blood, using a lot of blood vessels. When the blood vessels become damaged, the nephrons that filter your blood don’t receive the oxygen and nutrients they need to function well. This is why high blood pressure is the second leading cause of kidney failure.

Cómo funcionan los riñones

Your kidneys are located on either side of your back. Their main function is to maintain the balance of water and minerals in the body. They also act as a filter system that removes waste products and excess fluid from the body. 

Con el tiempo, la hipertensión arterial daña los vasos sanguíneos renales

Las nefronas de los riñones se abastecen con una red densa de vasos sanguíneos con cantidades altas de flujo sanguíneo. Con el tiempo, una hipertensión arterial no controlada puede hacer que las arterias alrededor de los riñones se estrechen, se debiliten o se endurezcan. Estas arterias dañadas no pueden suministrar suficiente sangre al tejido renal.

  • Damaged kidney arteries don't filter blood well. Kidneys have small, finger-like nephrons that filter your blood. Each nephron receives its blood supply through tiny hair-like capillaries, the smallest of all blood vessels. When the arteries become damaged, the nephrons don't receive the essential oxygen and nutrients. Then the kidneys lose their ability to filter blood and regulate the fluid, hormones, acids and salts in the body.  
  • Damaged kidneys fail to regulate blood pressure. Healthy kidneys respond to a hormone called aldosterone which is produced in the adrenal glands, to help the body regulate blood pressure. Kidney damage and uncontrolled high blood pressure contribute to a negative spiral. As more arteries become blocked and stop functioning, the kidneys eventually fail.

Proteja sus riñones controlando la presión arterial

La insuficiencia renal debida a una hipertensión arterial es un proceso acumulado que puede tardar años en desarrollarse. Sin embargo, puede limitar el riesgo controlando la presión arterial.

No permita que la hipertensión arterial dañe sus riñones: