Peripheral Artery Disease Summit 2021: Vision for PAD Awareness

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A Virtual Summit April 25th and 26th

The American Heart Association is honored to convene nearly 100 event participants including more than 25 organizations committed to improving vascular health outcomes. The Summit will focus on sharing and finalizing a National PAD Action Plan. The plan will serve as a roadmap for reducing the burden of peripheral artery disease and will help:

  • Focus interventions to prevent PAD complications.
  • Treat cardiovascular risk.
  • Improve quality of life for those with the disease.

Participants in the PAD Roundtable, hosted by the AHA and NHLBI in December 2018, identified six major goals for the action plan:

  1. Reach people with PAD and those at risk by increasing public awareness of the symptoms and diagnosis.
  2. Enhance professional education for multidisciplinary providers who care for people with PAD.
  3. Activate health care systems to provide enhanced programs that detect and treat PAD patients, with an increased understanding of patient-centered outcomes.
  4. Reduce the rates of non-traumatic lower extremity amputations related to PAD through public outcome reporting and public health interventions.
  5. Increase and sustain research to better understand how to prevent, diagnose and treat PAD.
  6. Coordinate PAD advocacy efforts to influence national policy and translate into health care actions.

The long-term success of the PAD National Action Plan depends on collaboration and coordination by the many groups committed to conquering this disease.

After the summit, outcomes and conference presentations will be posted here.

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