Tips to Manage #StayHome Stress

Confessions of a Quarantine(r)

How are you handling the stress, isolation and uncertainty of self-quarantine during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic? Many of us are experiencing situations we’ve never faced before.

For some, it’s figuring out how to balance working from home with family responsibilities. For others, the isolation and loneliness that comes with social distancing and staying safe at home may feel overwhelming. Whatever your situation, you’re not alone. We’ve got tips and solutions to help us all get through this together.

Confession: Working from home feels less structured and I’m struggling to balance family.

  1. Reorganize to fit your temporary work environment.
  2. Don’t worry! No one can do it all. Just breathe.
  3. Slow Down. Plan ahead and prioritize.

Confession: I’m beginning to feel isolated and lonely.

  1. Take a break! Call or video chat family & friends.
  2. Give back! Donate, volunteer or help a friend remotely.
  3. Laugh! Laughter is good – even when you’re alone. 

Confession: I find myself constantly saying: “When can I get back to normal?

  1. Focus on the possible! Learn a skill, achieve a goal, find a way to help.
  2. Move every day! Go for a walk to relieve the tension.


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