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Our Ability

Job portal for people with disabilities

How it started

Our Ability founder John Robinson, a quadruple amputee, was unemployed for nearly five years because of discrimination related to his disability. He eventually found a good job that allowed him financial independence, a family and better health.

Robinson said: “My story is not unique. People with disabilities struggle with employment and poor health. But I am living proof that when employment is available, health improves.”

About 40 million individuals have disabilities in the U.S. today and many are in search of meaningful employment. Our Ability aims to build opportunity, increase expectations and harness the dreams of individuals with disabilities to be successful and healthy.

How it works

Our Ability’s online job support portal uses artificial intelligence to better attract individuals with disabilities, building their skills and leading people to better employment outcomes. Our Ability has helped hundreds of people with disabilities find employment, leading to better family relationships, better opportunities and better health.

What’s next

Robinson’s dream is to create a robust jobs portal and network of opportunities that provides employers clearer connection and comfort working with and interacting with disabled people.

Our Ability’s mission is to increase the rate of workforce participation among people with disabilities from less than 30% to 50%.


John Robinson, CEO/Founder
Binghamton, NY

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