Your Annual Well-Woman Visit:Take it to heart


You may look and feel healthy. But as you know, a person can have heart disease and still feel fine. It’s called the Silent Killer. Why? Because often the first symptom that you have heart disease is death. Its victims don’t always get a second chance to beat it.

We’re encouraging all women to have an annual Well-Woman Visit with your doctor to assess your health, discuss family history, and talk about any health concerns. Your annual Well-Woman Visit could save your life by uncovering health issues you never knew you had.

Like many other women, Eva Gomez spent her time as a caregiver for her family members and put her own needs on the back burner. She ignored her heart murmur and didn’t see her doctor for a checkup for 13 years. As a nurse, the shock and denial she felt was huge. “I thought it couldn’t be true,” she says, “In my mind, I am a nurse. I take care of other people. There’s no way that I will be the one who has to be cared for.”

Many of you reading this will probably be able to relate to Eva’s sentiment – as a mom, wife, sister, daughter, career woman, etc. You’re busy and time is precious, so you end up spending the free time you do have on those you love. The result is that you neglect yourself. But remember: if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anybody else!

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