Cardiovascular Health and Sleep Initiative: Partner Organizations

When it comes to sleep, how much you get and how restful it is can impact other aspects of your health. The American Heart Association launched the Cardiovascular Health & Sleep Initiative to help give the sleep patient and professional community an in-depth understanding of the link between sleep disorders and cardiovascular health in order to:

  • Help patients understand their risk for cardiovascular disease because of their sleep disorder diagnosis.
  • Empower patients to speak with their health care professional about their risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Educate more health care professionals to increase awareness of and improve cross-disciplinary care for sleep disorders, comorbidities and wellbeing.

It is only through the relationships with our sleep disorder strategic alliance partners that we are able to bring our message to the sleep community.

Special thanks to the following organizations that have partnered with the American Heart Association on this critical endeavor:

Serie de podcasts Llegar al centro de la salud del sueño

Aprenda de expertos en medicina del sueño acerca de la salud del sueño y sus consecuencias cardiovasculares.


Logotipo de Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Jazz Pharmaceuticals se enorgullece de apoyar el contenido educativo sobre los trastornos del sueño de la American Heart Association.