PAD Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Getting information from your health care professional about peripheral artery disease, or PAD, is important. Be sure to discuss your family history of heart disease, including PAD, diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol and if you have ever smoked.

PAD can often be misdiagnosed. You may need to bring up vascular concerns or ask to see a vascular specialist.

Use the discussion guide on this page to prepare so you can get the most out of your appointment.

Check off the questions you want to ask during your appointment.

  • Learn as much as you can about your condition.
  • Know your symptoms and your family’s health history.
  • Highlight questions to ask your health care professional.
PAD discussion guide 

Download the PAD Discussion Guide (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

It’s important to see a medical professional if you think you have PAD and to get the care you need if you’ve been diagnosed. PAD increases your risk for serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke. It can also lead to leg or foot amputation. 

Be ready to share your symptoms and their duration with your health care professional. Have they gotten worse? Do they interfere with daily living? How will you be tested for PAD?

Download our PAD symptom checker (PDF) | Spanish (PDF), complete it and bring it with you.

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